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Staff Choice: Things to do around Unawatuna

Our Front Office superstars have put together a few suggestions of their favorite things to do nearby Angel Beach!

Angel Beach to Unawatuna Beach: 1.2KM

Unawatuna beach is the main strip of beach in Unawatuna, filled with wonderful places to eat, relax and swim. It’s a fairly touristy beach, it’s a great place to relax during the day, go for a swim, or simply dine in the evening. There is a lovely atmosphere, and being right on the beach allows you to hear the sound of the waves. There are a LOT of choices when it comes to places to eat, and there is something to suit every budget and taste. One of the best things to do at Unawatuna beach is to take a walk up and down the whole beach just before sunset when the weather is perfect.

Don’t miss out on the Japanese Peace Pagoda whilst you’re in the area. It’s located on the hillside west of Unawatuna, and this impressive pagoda was built by Japanese Buddhist monks of the Mahayana sect in 2005, as part of their scheme to build peace temples in conflict zones (back in the Sri Lankan wartime). It requires a steep 20-minute hike from the west area of Unawatuna beach. Remember to dress moderately, or at least bring a scarf with you to cover

Angel Beach to Dewata Beach: 4KM

There are a variety of surf spots in Unawatuna and its surrounding area, but this place represents the perfect surfing conditions almost all year round. The waves are suited for beginners through to advanced surfers. There are little beach bars, sunbeds to chill on for those who aren’t surfing, and surf shops to rent or buy your surf gear. Contact us to arrange a surf lesson with our favourite qualified surf instructors from the Unawatuna Surf Club.

Image courtesy @dreamcabanasl

Angel Beach to Dalawella Rope Swing: 350M

We’ve all seen it: the iconic picture of Unawatuna. The “coconut swing” at Dalawella beach are our neighbours! You can spot people swinging into sunset from our property.

Angel Beach to Dog Care Clinic: 1KM

This is one of the more unique things to do in our area. It’s one of the only self-funding rescue centre for street dogs in Sri Lanka. You get to meet some unique doggies, and of course lots of puppies.

Angel Beach to Galle Fort: 5KM

Galle Fort is a fort complex that was built by the Dutch in 1588. The expansive grounds have a lot to see and it can easily take you two-three hours to walk around and see everything
Don’t miss out on these awesome locations within Galle Fort

Galle lighthouse is a perfect spot for photos, chilling with an ice cream or simply admiring the view behind it. There are also many great souvenir shops to find gifts, jewelry shops and local art galleries.
That’s the thing with Galle Fort in general. It all feels very European, which is a nice contrast to the Sri Lankan qualities that surround it.

Image courtesy @towersc

Angel beach to Turtle Beach: 500M

You can find turtles to swim with at the border of Mihiripenna and Dalawella Beach, just after the rope swing. There is a little-enclosed swimming pool type area (enclosed via the coral) that the locals call a ‘natural lagoon’ with many turtles in there. If you do visit these beautiful animals, please do not disturb them in their habitat and watch them for afar!

Angel Beach to Jungle Beach: 2.5KM

Snorkeling is possible in lots of areas in Sri Lanka, and in Unawatuna, the main snorkel spot is Jungle Beach, a tiny, semi-hidden bay surrounded by jungle. Coral reef is located just a few meters out from the beach.

Angel Beach to Turtle Rescue Sanctuary: 2KM

It’s like a little hospital for turtles! The turtles are usually saved from plastic and other human-based stuff that causes them to get stuck. You can see turtles missing legs, or shells are broken etc, all of which are being rehabilitated. If you’re lucky you might get to see some sweet little baby turtles!

Angel beach to Mihiripenna Beach: 1KM

This is the perfect spot for sunbathing and relaxing with a book. If you’re on the lookout for a picturesque beach with turquoise waters and white sand, then you’ve found it.

Angel beach to Thalpe Beach: 3KM

Thalpe Beach is one of the most popular beaches on Sri Lanka's south coast and unlike any beach you've ever visited before. What makes Thalpe Beach so unique are the rectangular rock pools carved into the long-dead coral reef at the shoreline

By Angel Beach Front Office Team, May 2022